MINISO Universe Taurus Perfume 10ml Limited Edition 0. 34 Ounce

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MINISO Women Perfume Limited Edition Taurus Perfume 0. 34 Ounce EDT Spray

1.BEST PERFUME FOR TAURUS-Taurus, a reliable and organized constellation would spare no effort to strive for his target. A heavy melancholy is accompanied with such realistic personality. Soothing and relaxing oriental scent can fully reveal her charm and protrude her tenderness.
2.USAGE-Spray over wrist, neck, behind the ears and inside elbow for a better effect.
3.ENHANCE YOUR DAILY ROUTINE-Use after showering, dressing, or before a night out.
4.A TIMELESS GIFT-A great way to show appreciation to the special women in your life.
5.CHOOSE THE BEST PERFUME-When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin.

Material: Alcohol, Parfum, Water, Octocrylene, Dibutyl Hydroxy Toluene, Disodium Edta.
Packaging Materials: Glass Paper.

1. Spray over wrist, neck, behind the ears and inside elbow for a better effect.
2. Aries, enthusiastic and frank, is keen on challenges. A passionate constellation. With such features, Aries just need to be invigorated through a profound flower fragrance. Finish a busy day with a refreshing scent.

1.Keep away from fire.
2.Store in normal temperature.
3.Avoid direct sunlight.

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