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MINISO x Sanrio - Cute Slap Watch

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0: My Melody Light Pink
1. Officially licensed Sanrio product and produced by MINISO
2. Cute Sanrio cartoon figure and colorful design, fun & stylish
3. Being officially authorized Sanrio IP product, it has uniquely 3D cartoon figure face, made of silicone, smooth to the touch and in rich colors.
4. It will close by slapping it on the hand, perfectly fitting with the wrist, easy to wear
5. Convenient to check the time

How to use:
1. Squeeze the upper and lower side of the silicone watch cover and remove the watch face.2. Use your thumb to slightly pull out the button on the right of the watch face to adjust the time, if which fails or not in place, re-press the button and pull out the button again.3. After adjusting the time, push the button back to the bottom, place the watch face back in the silicone cover and put the watchband into the cover.

Not suitable for kids under age of 3.