MINISO x Sanrio - Hello Kitty Pro Pedicure Tools Kit

1. Officially authorized Sanrio Hello Kitty
2. Premium Material Nail Tool. -These products are made of surgical grade stainless steel with frosting finished and comfortable texture, offering a long service life.
3. Considerate Nail Art Kit. - More efficient and easier to use. Your best set for beautifying your nails after a manicure.
4. Small Size. -Convenient to carry. You can take it anywhere, suitable for travel or business trips.
5. Perfect Gift. -This cuticle trimmer set is full of aesthetic feeling, such a beautiful helper for nail salon will please any girl giving as a present.

1.Trim the nails with the nail clippers; 2. Remove cuticles with the nipper; 3. File and smooth the nails with the file.

Material: Sponge file: EVA+PS; Nail clippers: Carbon steel+PP; Cuticle nipper: Stainless steel
Packaging Materials: PET

1. Sharp blade, children shall use under adult supervision;
2. For pedicure only, cannot be used to cut other hard objects;
3. Rinse the product clean if in contact with acids, alkaline or saline substance.
4. Keep clean and dry and store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Avoid prolonged strong lights.

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