MINISO x Mickey Mouse Collection - Multifunctional Toothbrush Holder

  • $3.65
1. Officially licensed Disney product by MINISO.
2. The surface is waterproof and the hook can be used to hang items.
3. Strong adhesive. Mount the toothbrush holder on different surfaces without worrying about it falling off.
4. The toothbrush holder uses vertical space to make the bathroom tidy and cleaner
5. Hang your tooth brush separately and neatly to avoid bacterial cross-infection.

The surface is waterproof and the foot may be used to hang items.

Material: traceless glue, PET, PVC
Packaging Materials: Paper board and plastic

1. Do not hang items having a weight over 0.5kg.
2. Do not hang fragile or valuables in order to avoid accident or danger caused by improper use of the product.
3. Do not have contact with high temperature or open fire.
4. Do not use the product on plaster wall, wallpaper, waterborne coating surface or unflat and rough surface.