MINISO x MARVEL - Paper Stick Cotton Swabs, 250 Count

  • $4.45

1.Cotton buds made from 100% natural cotton, Good absorbent cotton material,Soft and gentle cotton buds.

2.Ideal for wound care, makeup applications, nail cleaning and more. High quality 100% pure 'sterilized cotton' for everyday hygiene.

3.Package includs 250 Cotton Swabs(Round +Spiral Tip).

4.Round +Spiral Tips: designed to clean effectively, functional, and convenient.

Material: Paper stick, Cotton wad.
Packaging Materials: PP.
Usage: Ideal for application and removal of make-up.
Cute MARVEL printed logo cotton swabs. High quality paper stick and fine cotton wads.
1. Do not insert the cotton swab deep into the ear canal.
2. Children shall use this product under adult supervision.