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MINISO Wireless Mouse Model 3180, White

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Flexibility and Precision - Wireless transmission for a more secure and precise experience than traditional FM radio systems. Bluetooth wireless mouse provides fast response, precise movement and stable connection to your computer/laptop.
Ergonomic - curved design fits the curve of the hand and can effectively help reduce hand fatigue Takes up less space on the desktop and is lightweight and miniature.
No click noise - The click and scroll wheel of the wireless mouse is very quiet and soft. No noise disturbance to others at home or in the office.
Wide compatibility - This portable mobile mouse works with laptops, PCs, and other devices.
Exquisite design - Slim design, stylish colors, smooth lines. Easy to operate with both hands.
Material: ABS, Silicone, PC.
1. Open the battery cover at the bottom of the mouse and install the battery according to the sign inside the battery tank.
2. Plug in the USB receiver and turn on the switch at the bottom of the mouse.
1. Stylish design, easy to carry.
2. Super anti-interference ability, effective range up to 15M.
3. Smart power-saving design, longer standby time.
4. Support hot swap, plug and play.
5. R250 high speed return, 800-1200-1600DPI provides high precision positioning.
1. Disassembly and collision are prohibited, keep away from high temperature and damp.
2. Keep it dry, away from fire and damp.
Color: White