MINISO We Bare Bears- Water Bottle Double-layered Plastic Glittery Tumbler with Straw 320ml

1.Easy to carry out, it is not heavy to carry. Animal Beautiful appearance. It is durable Mini size (320ml) and light weight.

2.Cute animal lid flask, leak-proof design, with drinking straw.

3.It is great for home, work or on the go. Also, the bottle is backpack friendly as it fits easily.

4.Lovely design, suitable for parties.

5.This Tumbler is used at home, work, at the gym, for sports, in your car, at the beach and even camping or hiking. Typical uses include water, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, wine & beer.

Materials: Body and lid: PS lid,AS body,PETG straw Silicone sealing ring.
Packaging Materials: Transparent adhesive sticker.
1. Suitable temperature: 0-60℃.
2. Do not pour acid and alkaline liquids into the bottle.
3. Do not use in microwave oven or dishwasher.

1. Officially authorized image is classic and cute.
2. Food grade material is safe and healthy.
3. The straw is convenient for drinking.

1. Can not be washed in dishwasher.
2. Do not use in microwave.

Storage: Please keep it in a dry and cool place.

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