MINISO We Bare Bears A6 Zipper Document Bag, Panda

  • $5.95

1.We are the global leading retail brand with 200+ India local stores, dedicated to providing "Mini Price, Big Surprise" products to the world.

2.The document bag is easy to use and can fit in the school bag easily without occupying much space.

3.Storage: The document bag is great for storing pens, pencils, craft items and more stationery.

4.Material: Nylon.The document bag is highly durable and can be used daily.

5.Zipper Closure: The document bag comes with a zipper closure which keeps the stationery safe and secured.

This document bag by MINISO provides a convenient place for your to store pens, pencils and other small school supplies. This A6 document bag can be used for school or at home for storing colored pencils, markers and other art supplies. The zipper closure ensures the stationery is all safe and secured.

Material: Nylon
Feature: Cute design, convenient to use.
Note: Keep away from fire.

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