MINISO USB Cool Mist Deer Antlers Humidifier 200ml

  • $19.45
1. Easy to power and carry: USB charging, suitable for single room, desktop, office or car.
2. Long working time and auto shut off, max 8 hours constantly working time, enjoy fresh moist air during whole night.
3. Whisper-Noise Operation: Ultrasonic humidifier lowers the noise level to 32dB (quieter than a computer) for quiet humidification without disturbing your study, working or sleeping
4. 200ml large capacity tank. Two moisturizing modes: constant spray and intermittent spray can be switched at will.
5. Cute antlers design, ideal gift for Christmas

MINISO Cool Mist Humidifier is ideal for someone who...
⭐Who is tired of the same old boring humidifier designs and wants something more stylish.
⭐ Looking for an affordable small sized room humidifier.
⭐Needs a humidifier that easily carry for travel, tabletop & car console.

✧ Professional cool mist humidifier, decent water tank (200ml), quiet working noise (<30dB) and long working time (8 Hours).
✧ Lovely Animal Character, ideal gift for christmas
✧ Automatic Power-off Protection, will never have to guess when the reservoir needs water.
✧ Powered by Micro-USB Cable (Included), it provides more flexibility to end-users, it can be powered by any device with USB port (laptop, desktop, power bank, socket, power outlet).
✧ Easy to use, One-button control system, long working time

1.Before using this product, read all instructions carefully.
2.Do not essence oil, essence and other corrosive liquids.
3.Do not pour water directly onto the dead of humidifier.
4.Do not cover mist vent.5.Do not start this product without water.
6.Do not touch the blades when the fan is turned on, in order to avoid getting injured.
7.Do not immerse product into water and other liquids.
8.Store in a cool and dry palce.
9.Keep out of reach of children.

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