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MINISO Travel Plastic Multi Purpose Refillable Jar, Set of 4

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1. MINISO cream box set;
2. Convenient and easy to store creams, facial creme, etc.
3. The set comes in 4 different sizes allowing to put the products according to use.
4. Fits conveniently in the makeup bags
5. These plastic travel size bottles can be used in countless ways. They are ideal for storing your lotions, gels, face and body creams, shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash, hand sanitizers, perfumes just to name a few. Moreover, they can be effortlessly cleaned and refilled

Make skin routine as a part of your life as you use these MINISO cream box set of 4. The small boxes are used for storing skin care products such as facial cream, sleeping mask, eye cream or hand cream. These are light in weight, durable and portable which are easy to carry in the bags.

Material: PP

1. Do not store liquids or creams with too high or too low pH value;
2. Do not clean with boiling water;
3.Use the content as soon as possible, do not store the content for over 6 months.

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