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MINISO Top Cap Natural Airless Pump Bottle, 50ml

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1.The MINISO travel kit can be effortlessly cleaned and refilled.

2.These travel size bottles can be used in countless ways.

3.Cut down on weight and keep everything organized with this Cosmetic Toiletries Travel Kit.

4.The storage kits are ideal for storing your lotions, gels and hand sanitizers. Perfect for long trips, tours, and short vacations.

5.No more scrounging to stuff back your liquid containers into your carry-ons while standing in line.

These bottles come very handy as they fit inside your purse or handbags, ready to be used when you feel the need

Material: PE,PP.
Packaging Materials: Paper.
Usage: For storing skin care products.
1. The flip-open cover is linked with the bottle, which is easy to open and close.
2. The spiral pattern of the opening keeps the bottle sealed up completely.
3. Clean and sanitary, light and portable, it may be carried on board.

1. Do not store liquids or creams with too high or too low pH value;
2. Do not clean with boiling water;
3. Use the content as soon as possible, do not store the content for over 6 months.