MINISO Stuffed Animal Elephant Plush Toy Anime Plush Toy Plush Soft Pillow Doll Best Gifts for Girl Boy 11.8" Tall

  • $11.95
1. CUTE Elephant-Adorably cute Elephant with soft fur, sparking eyes, and a soft floppy body that can be positioned sitting, standing or laying, 11.8" tall.
2. SOFT PLUSH DEER ARE A KIDS BEST FRIEND-Adorable plush animal is made with smooth plush-so squeezable and soft; There’s no shedding, clumps or coarseness with this deer stuffed animal—it’s simply perfect for cuddling.
3. REALISTIC-High quality plush materials, air brushed details and an expressive face make this Elephant a life like companion that actually looks real.
4. THE BEST PLUSH TOY-Fluffy, soft Elephant has an adorable expression, a unique mix of curiosity, mischief and fun that brings a lifetime of companionship.
5. A SPECIAL GIFT-A perfect gift for little boys, girls, kids or plush doll lovers of all ages.

Material: Fabric: Cover: 100% polyesterFilling: 100% polyester
Packaging Materials: Outer:Woven bagï¼›Inner: PP bag

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