MINISO Stripes Series Socks Organizer for Bathroom and Bedroom

  • $8.95
1. With limited space, need to be modularity and space-saving. These drawer organzier is designed for making it easier to find anything in need.
2. Classify Underwear, Bras, Socks, Ties, Scarves accessories etc. Easy to find which one you want to wear and never need to ransack all of your clothes.
3. Quality material and exquisite workmanship. Made of long-lasting non-woven fabric which is mold-free, moisture-proof and bacteria-free to ensure the hygiene of storage, especially for baby.
4. Each bin comes with the sub-dividers already sewn in have zippered bottoms to allow those to lie flat and add the stability. Set of 15 storage boxes to meet all your expectations and prevents the possibility of bacterial breeding.
5. Great gift for your childs, or couples. Ideal for Mother’s Day.

Protects from dust, saves space, easy to store.

Material: Solid color shell: 65% polyester, 35% cotton; Striped shell: 75% polyester, 25% cotton; non-woven fabrics: polypropylene fibers
Package Material: Sticker

1. This product is not waterproof. Do not wash it in the washing machine. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity otherwise discoloration may occur.
2. Wipe with wet cloth to clean. Use brush to clean parts that are difficult to reach. Do not knead.

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