MINISO Sports Spiky Massage Ball (Grey) 2 Pack

  • $5.95

MINISO Spiky Massage Balls 2 PACK, Hard & Soft Combo, Stress Reflexology, Porcupine Sensory Ball Set

1.Contains 2 Balls: 1 x Green 3.5" Soft Spiky Massage Ball and 1 x 3.00" Hard Spiky Massage Ball 2.Excellent tool for plantar fasciitis.
3.Excellent tool for foot massages.
4.Spiky outer layer offers stimulating effect, increasing circulation.
5.Made from phthalates free PVC.

1. According to personal preference, use appropriate pressure and roll the ball over your body (arm, legs, feet etc.) in order to relax your muscles.
2. Eco-friendly and harmless; Easy to carry; Function: massage and relax muscles.
3. Avoid contact with sharp objects.