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MINISO Small Foldable Fabric Storage Box with Lid

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1. STORAGE BOXES FOR CLOTHES - MINISO Storage bags are made of premium fabric. These storage bags for clothes are the perfect way to store not just those expensive sarees and exquisite gowns but also your ironed clothes, woolens, bed sheets, quilts, etc. Built on a strong metal frame structure, they are quite sturdy and fits perfectly into your wardrobe
2. MOISTURE PROOF -They can be easily cleaned by wiping the outside with a cloth while the content inside is safe, dry, and secure.
3. STACKABLE BOXES - As they are built on a metal frame structure, these clothes organizers for wardrobes are quite sturdy and stackable. You can place the same size of boxes one on top of the other as they can take that much weight. These boxes are meant to organize your wardrobe in a much better way and they will actually give you extra usable space in the same area
4. MULTIPLE SIZES TO FIT ALL SPACES - Our organizers can also be used as a t-shirt organizer for wardrobe, blanket storage bags, or as a toy storage box. This is because these living boxes for clothes are available in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs. Next, your blanket storage bags can serve as a saree cover bag during winters! In this way, these wardrobe cloth organizers can serve a multitude of requirements.
5. MULTIPLE FEATURES MAKES IT EASY TO USE - Not only will these convenient boxes keep your clothing in order, but they will also save you time knowing exactly where everything is.

MINISO Classic Large Organizer with Lid
Super memory, more comfortable, premium fabric, more environmentally friendly, and durable.

Material: Non-woven fabric.
Packaging Materials: Opp bag, Paper board.

1. This product is not waterproof and cannot be washed. Avoid humidity and direct sunlight in order to avoid fading and discoloring.
2. Wipe it with a dump cloth and use a small brush to clean smaller parts. Do not knead.
3. Open the box, place the board on the bottom and it is ready to use.
1. Store in a dry ventilated place.
2. Keep away from fire and humidity.