MINISO Simple Polished Glass Water Bottle 300ml (Dark Grey)

  • $5.95

1.Made of premium glass, silicone, PP material, non-toxic and odorless, this water bottle is healthy for you.

2.Functional silicone strap allows you to carry your bottle anywhere,  office, school, gym, picnic.

3.The special polished coating provides an extraordinary sensation upon touch and comfortable grip.

4.Innovative simple design with elegant color.

5.Leakproof top lid makes it convenient to carry out in your bag.

Carry your water bottle to school, gym, office is eco-friendly and convenient. Take MINISO Glass Water Bottle to begin your colorful day! 300ml capacity & lightweight makes it portable and practical. Leak-proof food-grade silicone lid enables you carry the bottle in your bag to anywhere you want. This glass water bottle also shows your style with its innovative and simple design when you carry it out to office, gym, or joining outdoors activities.

1.Fragile. Handle with care.
2.Do not keep alkaline or acidic drinks inside for a long time to avoid corrosion.
3. Suitable temperature: 0‚ÑÉ-100‚ÑÉ„ÄÇ
4.Do not use in a microwave oven or dishwasher.

Store at room temperature.

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