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MINISO Sailor Pattern 7-section Hanging Multipurpose Organizer

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Color: Red
1. MINISO hangable organizer for walls, doors cupbaords, wardrobes.
2. Material: Polyester and cotton body ensures it is strong, durable and lightweight.
3. The organizer has 7 different sections, where you can store your things accordingly.
4. The size of the organizer allows you to store it in your bedroom or wardrobe or your bathroom.
5. Organizers are the best way to keep your home, desk or office clutter free.

A space saving storage option is this hanging organizer from MINISO. The organizer comes with a hangable loop, 7 different sections and floral print adding to the aesthetics.

Materials: 20% Polyester+ 30% Cotton+ 50 Viscose.
Packaging Materials: OPP Bag.

Feature: Fashionable, foldable and convenient to store all kinds of small daily items.

Usage: Open the product and hang it on a firm upholder.

1. This product is not waterproof, please use with care. Avoid fading and discoloring caused by direct sunlight and damp.
2. Please wipe it with wet cloth or clean partial dirt with brush when it needs cleaning. Please do not knead it on purpose. This product is not washable. Do not machine wash.

Storage: Please keep it in a dry and ventilated place. Avoid damp. Keep away from fire.