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MINISO Pop-Up Pirate Barrel Sword Game Toy

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MINISO Pop-Up Pirate Barrel Sword Game Pirate Barrel Toy Curious and Interesting Party to Play

1.The surprise family game that is a real barrel of fun.

2.Take turns sliding the colorful swords into the barrel.

3.But beware! slide your sword in the wrong slot and up pops the pirate; meaning you're out! which slot is the wrong one? you won't know; it's different every game.

4.The winner is the last player left, while the losers walk the plank.

5.Note: the mechanism that makes the pirate pop out of the barrel changes with every game when locked into position.

Material: PS/PP.
Packaging Materials: Paper.
1.Place the pirate into the barrel, then rotate the pirate.
2. Insert a sword into the barrel, whoever makes the pirate pop out wins or loses.
1. Made from high quality plastic, safe and harmless, it is resistant to dropping and quite firm, suitable for kids above 3 years old and passing international normal toy quality tests.
2. In large size, it is portable and comes with 24 swords, available for multiplayer interaction. A must-have for gatherings, with high entertaining performance.
1.Not suitable for kids under 3 years old.
2.Do not aim at face or eyes.
3.Please use under adult supervision.