MINISO x Marvel - Plastic Water Bottle 420ml (Iron Man)

  • $8.95
Your to-go fashion accessory - There's a simple beauty that can be found in going with the flow.MINISO clean lines, intuitive design and convenient carry to create a fashionable flip-top bottle that will keep you happily hydrated on the go. It doesn’t matter if your style is off the rack or tailored, MINISO is ready for any occasion.

Material: AS body, PP lid and straw, silicone sealing ring and silicone handle.
Package Material: Transparent adhesive sticker.
Usage: Do not use in a microwave oven or dishwasher.
Feature: Compact, fashionable and cute.

1. Suitable temperature:0℃-50℃. Do not disinfect by steaming.
2. Keep away from inflammable,explosive and corrosive materials.