MINISO Paper 9" Party Plates, 6pcs

  • $2.25

1.KID FRIENDLY PAPER PLATES – The adorable kid-friendly colorful Paper Plates are designed to make mealtime fun for everyone.

2.MICROWAVE SAFE PAPER PLATES – Heat up your favorite leftover foods in the microwave using these microwave-safe paper plates for kids.

3.CUT RESISTANT AND SOAK PROOF – Whether you want to cut up your kids' food into smaller bits or if your kid is an aggressive utensil-user, you can trust that MINISO Paper Plates will hold up without the risk of liquids soaking through.

4.EVERYDAY PAPER PLATES – Your favorite MINISO FANS will be ready for action after mealtime with these safe and sturdy plates.

5.9-INCH PAPER PLATES – This 6 count of kid-friendly paper plates includes disposable paper plates that measure 9 inches, making them the perfect size for meals and snacks.

Material: 300g White Cardboard.
Packaging Materials:PVC.
Must-have paper plate for party. One suit has 6 9inch paper plates, passing FDA food contacter test and allowing you to enjoy food.

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