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MINISO Nail Polish Remover Cleansing Wipes

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Title: Lemon Fragrance

1.Effectively and easily removes the darkest of nail colours within minutes and leaving a lovely fragrance of this nail polish removers.

2.This nail paint removers are completely safe for your nails; It strengthens and protects the nails against damage and chipping.

3.This makeup products in beauty helps to draw perfectly arches with its grey colour and gives you naturally fuller and Intense lined brows.

4.Easy to apply and dries fast; Travel friendly packaging and convenient to carry.

5.Instructions - Dab some nail remover onto a cotton pad and gently remove the lacquer from your nail bed with a circular massaging motion until completely clean.

Enriched with vitamins, MINISO Nail Color Remover prevents excessive dryness around the nails, removes color completely strengthens the nails. It's the one product you need between your manicures! You do not need to use too much of the product to remove the nail paint color. The MINISO Nail Color Remover completely removes the nail paint till the last bit of its color. You can now pick any color from MINISO vast range of nail paints remover.

Materials: Propylene glycol carbonate, propylene glycol, flavor.
Packaging Materials: PP.
Pour nail polish remover on cotton piece, use cotton to cover the nail,from the nail root to a shoot direction to wipe .

Low taste, Easy to remove Nail Polish.

Store in a cool, ventilated and cool place, the storage temperature is 5-25.