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MINISO Multifunctional Car Headrest Hanger Hook, White

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1.The hooks can hold the clothes, keys, mugs, bags and etc.

2.Multipurpose. Wide application. Space-saving. Simple and practical design. For various bags.

3.Made of PP material. Stable size. Easy to process. High temperature resistance.

4.Stainless steel bearing. Stable and durable. Not easy to get rusty.

5.Small in size. Max. weight 6kg.

Hang the hook to the back side of your car seat. Hang items on the hook.

Material: PP, Stainless steel
Packaging Materials: paper board and plastic

1. Max weight shouldn't exceed 6kg. Do not hang sharp, dangerous and fragile items.
2. Do not hang it in front of child's seat.
3. Do not install in places that affect safe driving and in front of an airbag.
4. Keep in a dry ventilated place.