MINISO Mini Wedding Penguin Plush

1. Adorable & endearing facial expression & body position.
2. Good decorative effect, healing embrace.
3. Comfortable made as a pillow.
4. Soft, adorable, cute, huggable, cuddly and premium quality.
5. It’s the best gift for your kids and friends, bringing fun and relax to someone you deeply care.

Materials: Decoration: 100% polyester; Body: 95% polyester, 5% elastane.
1. Upgraded version of classic penguin image has addition of personified marriage concept, making the penguin image closer to life and look kind and funny.
2. Made of super soft and comfortable cloth and high quality 3D cotton, it has high pressing resistance, high air permeability, easy to clean, harmless and eco-friendly, passing EN 71, ASTM F963, Azo, Formaldenhyde, Appearance after wash, CF to saliva and other standard tests.
3. Suitable for kids above 1 year old, for hanging on the backpack or clothes during travel outdoors or placing in the office or on the sofa as decoration.
4. To be used as cushion or pillow at any time, highly functional.

Keep away form fire.

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