MINISO Mini Portable Eyelash Curler Professional Beauty Makeup Tool for Girls

  • $4.45

1.Quick Makeup-With a special curved design,this innovative eyelash curler is perfect for all eye shapes,especially for Asian people.

2.Stylish Eyelash Curler-An exquisite design gives a unique looking and get long-lasting curled lashes safely.

3.Professional Eyelash Curler-Flexible and lightweight with a mini size, you can make up your eyes even in a moving car.

4.Fine Material-Well-made with high-quality ABS and plastic material that will not rust.

5.Travel Friendly-Mini size of 8x4x2cm, easy to carry and help keep a long lasting curly.

Apply this innovative eyelash curler to your makeup routine while on the go. The travel-friendly design has an easel-style handle for easily adjust the amount of pressure to make your eyes look noticeably wider, lifted, separated, or drama curled.

Material: ABS.
Package Material:PET.
Folding design, portable, delivers long-lasting curly lashes, comes with silicone refill.

How to Use:
1. Ensure a 45-degree angle between eyesight and the horizontal line, position curler on lash base and gently tilt upwards for about 5 seconds.
2. Gently curl upwards and stop at the middle of lashes, keep for 8 seconds and release lashes. Move upward and curl lash ends for about 5 seconds for better results.

1.Curl lashes upward from lash base.
2.Do not apply excess force.
3.Wipe clean after use.
4.Store it in a cool,dry and ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

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