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MINISO Metal Wired Rust Proof Geometrical Storage Basket

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1.Geometric model, having a simple nordic style, is novel and creative, making your life exquisite.

2.With a large capacity, it stores fruits, vegetables and snacks, pretty, elegant and practical to use.

3.Wholly hollowed-out, ventilated and air-permeable, it may stay dry and help drain.

4.Going through delicate workmanship, the iron lines are thickened, the surface is smooth, rust-proof and waterproof, soldering is firm and thus it is durable and lasting.

5.Not only a storage basket, but an artwork which may change constantly as the light changes when it does not store items.

Material: iron
Packaging Materials: paper card

1. Avoid direct sunlight.
2. Keep away from fire.
3. Keep away from high temperature.