MINISO MARVEL Tumbler Plastic Water Bottle 420ml, Thor

  • $8.95

1.Capacity: The bottle can hold upto 420ml of liquid.

2.The bottle has a lightweight, durable and strong body.

3.It is great for home, work or on the go. Also, the bottle is backpack friendly as it fits easily.

4.The bottle has attractive designs adds to the aesthetics.

5.Do not use the bottle in a microwave or dishwasher as it will reduce the life of the bottle.

Your to-go fashion accessory - There's a simple beauty that can be found in going with the flow.MINISO clean lines, intuitive design and convenient carry to create a fashionable flip-top bottle that will keep you happily hydrated on the go. It doesn't matter if your style is off the rack or tailored, MINISO is ready for any occasion.

Materials: AS body, PP lid and straw, silicone sealing ring and silicone handle.
Packaging Materials: Transparent adhesive sticker.
Do not use in a microwave oven or dishwasher.
Feature: Compact, fashionable and cute.

1. Suitable temperature:0℃-50℃. Do not disinfect by steaming.
2. Keep away from inflammable, explosive and corrosive materials.

Storage: Please keep it in a dry and cool place.

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