MINISO Loofah Bath Sponge

  • $4.45

MINISO Loofah Sponge Bath Sponge for Face Back and Body Suitable Loofah Men and Women Relaxing Shower Sponge Luffa Sponge Body Scrubber Shower Scrubber Face Sponge Shower Puff 

1.EXFOLIATING:Add A Bit Of Soap And Throughly Lather Across Your Body For A Soft Exfoliating Clean.

2.CLEANS BETTER THAN JUST YOUR HANDS:Using This Loofah Sponge Will Remove Dead Dry Skin Clean Pores.

3.High quality:Your Miniso bath sponge is held tightly together so it stays together, so scrub on!

4.HANGING ROPE:Comes With A Hanging Rope For You To Dry, Reducing Bacteria Build Up With The Loofah.

5.ENJOY YOU SHOWER TIME: These bath sponges fit on mens body wash,women bathing beauty.

MINISO Bath Shower Loofa Sponge
If youre looking to have healthier, smoother skin, to make your shower gels and soaps last longer, or simply to have a more enjoyable bathing experience, youve found the right loofahs. Our mesh bath and shower sponge with an easy-hang loop is ideal for your bathing experience at a price that appeals to those looking for loofa in bulk quantitites.

Material: Net: PE; Sponge: PU; Cloth: polyester; Filling: polyester.
Package Material: OPP.
1.Ice-cream-shaped bath sponge,cute and beautiful.
2.The fine mesh net produces rich and fine foam to effectively cleanse your body.

Please leave this product to air dry after cleaning.

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