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MINISO Large Fibreboard Desk Mirror for Makeup

Original price $5.95 - Original price $5.95
Original price
$5.95 - $5.95
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1. Chrome finish and sturdy iron build of the makeup mirror for long lasting use
2. The MINISO table mirror gives a clear and crisp glance of your face
3. The mirror for makeup is portable and light weight
4. This beauty mirror can be placed on table in bathroom, bedroom or any place you need. Enough for Grooming, wearing lenses and makeup Purpose
5. High resolution mirror, durable, doesn't get distorted.

Get a high defination and clear glance of your face as you look into this beauty mirror by MINISO. The mirror is made up using iron and high quality glass for crisp glance and offering to be durable.
These beauty mirrors are portable and easy to carry around.

Note:Please avoid acids, bases, or oily materials to prevent corrosion of mirror. Avoid contact with hard or sharp objects. Keep out of reach of children.

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