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MINISO Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Bedroom - Blue

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Miniso Humidifier-Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Bedroom-Cool, Mist Small Humidifier - Ideal for Baby Room Humidifier-Cool Mist Humidifier (Blue)

1.CONVENIENTLY SMALL:Perfectly Size For Your Baby Rooom, Bedside Shelf Or Desktop, Wherever You Need.

2.QUIET:Made With Ultrasonic Humidifier Technology So That It Wont Disturb Your Sleep In Your Bedroom.

3.EASY TO USE:Just Fill With Water, Plug It In With The Usb That Comes Attached And Turn It On.

4.HELP YOURSELF SLEEP BETTER EVERY NIGHT:Perfect With Those Who Have Colds, Allergies Or Dry Skin.

5.USE ONLY WITH WATER:Only To Be Used With Pure Water, Do No Put Oil Or Other Scents Into Bottle.

Material: ABS.
Package Material:Gift box.

1.Unique design, compact and easy to carry. Contains elegant liquid container, suitable for using in the car.
2.Unique light indicator that can show operation mode and make your environment brighter.
3.2 spray modes: continuous spray and intermittent spray. Humanized button, gently press and the humidifier will turn on and start moisturizing your place.
4.This product is using hi-tech microporous moisturizing technique, atomizes water and leaves no white traces.
5.It will automatically turn off after 8 hours protecting the product to run for a long time without water.
6.Connect to computer, car power supply or power bank to charge.

1. Before using this product, read all instructions carefully.
2. Should only be used as humidifier. Do not use for other purposes. Do not add essence oil, essence and other corrosive liquids.
3. Do not pour water directly onto the head of humidifier.
4. Do not cover mist vent.
5. Do not start this product without water.
6. Do not immerse product into water and other liquids.
7. Store in a cool and dry place.
8. Keep out of reach of children.
9. Keep in a dry and cool place.