MINISO Eye-protection Lamp Rechargeable Computer LED Desk Light

MINISO Eye-protection Lamp Rechargeable Computer LED Desk Light with Micro USB Port 3 Brightness Modes Touch Control Dimmable Desktop Table Lamp for Office Home

1.CHARGE-For the first time using,please charge to full and use the USB charging line to charge.

2.OPEN&CLOSE-ON/OFF touch the button shortly to open the power supply or close the lamp power supply.

3.LED LIGHTING BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT-Touch the button above three seconds can adjust the light brightness.Release to confirm the current brightness.

4.POWER ADAPTER-This product can be used in addition to the computer USB interface,but also can charge with an electric adaptor with USB interface: 5V/500mA.

5.CHARGE INDICATOR-When in charging, the indicator light is keeping in bright, when full of charges, the indicator light will slow flash.

Material: ABS.
Packaging Materials: Color Box.
1. Simple, easily integrates with furniture when folded, can be used as lamp and as decoration.
2. Different light colors (from warm light to cold light), adjust according personal preferences.
3. Touch to modify light, super easy to operate. Provides appropriate light intensity when reading protecting your eyes and also can provide a soothing atmosphere when sleeping.
4. Micro USB charging. Compatible with most of the power banks, so you do not have to worry about looking for power outlet everywhere.
1. Do not use it in a humid environment (like bathroom). Do not contact with water to avoid damage.
2. If it contacts with water or other liquids, please turn off immediately and try to turn on it after getting completely dry.
3. Do not knock or drop it to avoid damage.
4. Do not put it in a place where it is at high temperature or high humidity. Do not expose it to the sun. Do not disassemble, modify or repair it by yourself.
5. Please charge it under specified voltage.
6. Do not put in fire to avoid explosion.
7. Do not touch or use this product with wet hands.
8. Please keep out of reach of children.
9.Please use it at room temperature(0~40℃).
10. Do not put it on mat, quilt and other flammable objects when charging.
11. Please change the charger or cable when it is unable to charge.
12. If leakage occurs, please stop using. If you contact with leakage, please rinse it and seek for medical help.
13. If it is abnormally hot or deformed when charging, please stop charging.