MINISO Exquisite Eye-protection Lamp Rechargeable Computer LED Desk Light

  • $19.45

MINISO Exquisite Eye-protection Lamp Rechargeable Computer LED Desk Light with Micro USB Port Touch Control Dimmable Gooseneck Desktop Table Lamp for Office Home

1.CHARGE-For the first time using,please charge to full and use the USB charging line to charge.

2.OPEN&CLOSE-ON/OFF touch the button shortly to open the power supply or close the lamp power supply.

3.LED LIGHTING BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT-Touch the button above three seconds can adjust the light brightness.Release to confirm the current brightness.

4.POWER ADAPTER-This product can be used in addition to the computer USB interface,but also can charge with an electric adaptor with USB interface: 5V/500mA.

5.CHARGE INDICATOR-When in charging, the indicator light is keeping in bright, when full of charges, the indicator light will slow flash.

Material: ABS.
Packaging Materials: Gift box.
1. LED light switch: Put the lamp on the flat table, press the switch to ON button, then the power supply connect, touch " start " mark in front of the lamp, LED lights on, short touch again, lights off.
2. Adjust brightness: under the conditions of LED lights on, long touch " start " mark could adjust the brightness of the lamp.
3. Charging for lamp: insert the USB cable to the computer output port, the other side of USB insert into the 3.5mm DC jack of the lamp, it is also available for rechargeable battery.

1.One-click interlligent touch switch. soft touch step less demmer.
3.with LED,rediation-free.
4.No stroboscopic,no glare.
5.Low energy consumption, high efficiency, long service life.
6.With high capacity lithium battery, 5V power supply for USB.
7. Simple design, support 360-degree rotation.
1.The product is only for in indoor use.
2.Please charfe the product more than six hours after purchasing when use it,It needs about 6 hours to finish charging.
3.Please turn the power switch to the OFF position when not in use for a long time.
4.LED lights of the product may on or off under the strong electromagnetic interference.
5.Do not close to the eyes when LED lights.
6.The product should often use,if not in use for a long time,need to charge once every two months,at least charge 4 hours every time,otherwise it will reduce battery life.
7.When the lights get dark during the using,means the power almost run out,should stop using immediately and charge in time,or the battery may easily damaged.
8.Please store in cool and ventilated place, if not use for a long time, also advise to charge every two months.