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MINISO EVA Non-slip Mat (Transparent)

Original price $6.95 - Original price $8.25
Original price
$6.95 - $8.25
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This mat is easily cut to any size and shape to fit inside your fridge or for desired fit, leaves no sticky residue on your furniture, you can cut this product according to your specific needs to avoid waste.
Made of high quality food-graded and eco-friendly EVA material which is safe to use for home and kitchen. It does not contain BPA and can be used for shelving food.
Our mat feels good, it's soft and resistant to folding, as kitchen accessories it has superior anti-skid effect. Compared with many other mats it is oil-proof, dust-proof, scratch prevention that ensures the mat sticks firmly and stays in place.
It also has a good waterproof effect, it is easy to clean. When it gets dirty, you can easily wipe it clean or wash it. It can also be washed directly with water which ensures the cleanliness of your home.
Unique design that is suitable for kitchen, drawer, refrigerator, shelve, countertop, cabinets, cupboard, table etc.
Material:EVA (Transparent)
Packing:Paper board
Instruction:1. Clean up the dirt and dust on the surface of the place to be laid first. 2. Cut the cushion into the appropriate size with scissors according to the required size. 3. Please put the concave and convex face up. * If curling occurs, curling in the opposite direction can be restored.
Note:Do not use in an environment with fire or high temperature. -Do not place hot pots or frying pans directly on the mat. -Don't lay it on the place where there is a lot of moisture for a long time, please change it frequently. -Rinse well with water and put it in a ventilated place to dry. Do not wash in the washing machine. -Please keep it out of the reach of children.
Color: Grey