MINISO Double Layer Travel Sewing Kit

Take it with you everywhere!! These premium light weight kits are small and portable, Our kit is lightweight and has secure-lock elastic straps to keep everything organized at all times, their ideal size can slip into a purse, suitcase, briefcase, office desk drawer, car gym locker, etc. You will always be prepared for any hand sewing Emergencies.

24 different colors in a pack. A must own product for everybody. can easily carry anywhere. "MINISO Double Layer Portable Travel Sewing Kits Box.
Sewing threads with all supplies for multipurpose use.A must item in everybodys home. Can sew anything from last minute buttons or beautiful patches.

Material: Scissors: PP, Stainless steel; Thread: Polyester; Needle box: Steel, PS; Thimble: Titanium steel; Measuring tape: PU; Snap button: Iron; Needle: Iron; Box: PP.
1. Foldable handle is convenient to take the case and saves space.
2. Buckle is for easy opening and closing of the case.
3. Beautiful model, durable material, convenient to store.
4. Made of PP and with a transparent body, the things inside it can be seen clearly, which allows you to take what you need from it.
1. Please return tools to their original positions in the kit to avoid losing them.
2. Please keep away from fire and high temperature.
3. Please keep it beyond children's reach.
1.Please keep the product in a cool and ventilated place.
2.Please keep it away from fire and high temperature.