MINISO Closet Storage 4-section Box Organizer With Lid (Pink)

  • $8.95
1. Specification:34cm(Length)x21cm(Width)x10cm(Height),perfect for closet storage
2. Made by high-quality durable polyester fabric and PP board, it’s durable not easy to deform.
3. 4-section design makes it easy to arrange your socks, underwears, ties neatly
4. Foldable and durable, perfect for saving more place.
5. Available for baby cloth, toys,underwear, tie,cosmetics, perfume.

It’s time to get organize with MINISO Closet Storage Box Organizer. 4 sections allows organizing your socks, underwears, ties neatly and save more place. The organizer can keep your clothes clean and no wrinkling.Made by high-quality durable polyester fabric and PP board, it’s durable not easy to deform. Its lovely color makes it ideal to arrange not only your underwear, but also toys, cosmetics, perfume in bedroom,office or more.

1. Inflammable product, keep away from fire and in the shade.
2.This product is not waterproof. Please use with care.Avoid fading and discoloring caused by direct sunlight and damp.
3.Please wipe it with cloth or brush when it needs cleaning. This product is not washable. Do not machine wash.

Please store in a dry place with room temperature. Avoid direct sunshine.

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