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MINISO Chest Expander 5 Springs Arm Exercise Equipment

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Color: Navy Blue
REMOVABLE SPRING: There are five springs in the chest expander, which can be increased or decreased according to our own exercise needs to find the most suitable workout intensity.

MULTI-FUNCTION: Building your pectoral muscle, strengthen your power in fingers and arms. Ideal for toning and strengthening stomach, waist.
Material: Latex, ABS.
Packaging Materials: Paper Box.

Stick the buckles on both ends of the stretch tube in the stuck position of the two handles separately.
1. Keep your legs apart and place the expanding toner in front of and behind the chest, hold the handle and keep the waist straight up and slowly stretch towards two sides, then gently ease down and repeat the actions several times.
2. Keep your feet in balance, stamp one end of the sponge under your foot, keep your upper body still and use your forearm to pull up and down.
3. Suggested expanding value: 7LBS for 1 tube, 35LBS for 3 tubes.

1. Natural and safe material is eco-friendly and latex pull tube is highly elastic and pull-resistant, with fixed slot, not easy to loosen. A comfortable anti-slip handle is safe to use without gaps and fits tightly with the skin.
2. To activate the arm muscles and exercise back muscles. A perfect tool of chest-expanding has a new design and new upgrades. It breaks through the disadvantages of old pull tubes, easy to dismantle.
3. Five pull tubes are available for adding or reducing force gradually according to your needs, satisfying different groups of people.

1. Please examine if the product has scratches or damage, if any, do not use it.
2. Before using, please make sure the product is properly installed.
3. Please warm-up before taking exercise to avoid being hurt. Take exercise in a slow and controllable posture.
4. Store in a place out of reach of children.