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MINISO Charming Floral Series Vermiculite Sachet- Lily

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Title: Lily
Give you a calming and relaxing wonderful smelling enjoy, lasting for long time if kept in a closed place.
The smell of the toilet is unpleasant every time. Hang a bag of miniso scented sachets in the toilet or bathroom. The fragrance will quickly fill the whole toilet and bring a pleasant mood to people.
A Good Helper To Remove The Smell Of Shoes:Slide the MINISO scented sachets into shoe boxes or storage, and even stinky tennis shoes to keep them fresh!
Special and Original design in the market, a serial of marvel brand quality scented sachets, pls recognize MINISO our brand and resist copy design of other brand.
Top a Gift:prepare for the coming Mothers day and fathers day. You can put the sachet in the gift box, or give it as a gift to the person you love; add sachets to love notes, making the fragrance a unique way to deliver love.
Material:Vermiculite, essence
Instruction:Unpack the product. Remove outer bag and pull out PVC hook from the top of the bag. At the end, hang at desired place.
Features:Can be used in a house, hotel, office, wardrobe and cars to eliminate unpleasant smell.
Note:1. Avoid contact with skin. 2. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. 3. Do not eat! If swallowed, seek for medical assistance. Keep away from fire. Store in a cool ventilated place.