MINISO Mount Air Vent Cell Phone Holder

  • $10.45
While driving around keep your concentration and focus on the road. Use this car phone holder by MINISO to keep your mobile safe from falling off the seat and diverting your attention off the road. It will hold your mobile phone firmly and strongly by preventing your phone from shaking and falling in all directions.

Material: ABS, Silicone.
Packaging Materials: Color Card+PVC.

Product feature:
1. Original design of Miniso, it looks like a planet.
2. For using at a vertical or horizontal angle. Rotatable spring enables you to adjust it with single hand.

1. Unscrew the rotating knob nut and put the universal ball with a pin into it.
2. Insert the universal ball into the round hole in the lower cover(by a little strength), and tighten the rotating knob nut.
3. Insert the pin into the air outlet blade of the car, pinch tightly the adjacent two ball arm locks with a little strength and place the cellphone in and clip it tight for use.

1. Pinch the rotating knob nut tightly.
2. After the ball clips tight the cellphone, make sure the cellphone is inserted tightly in the inside groove of the ball before use.
3. Keep away from fire and damp environment. Keep it dry.