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MINISO Long Handle Gentle Back Skin Scrubbing Brush

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1.To get a perfectly smooth skin, get rid of old or dead cells, promote blood circulation, and increase lymphatic drainage It helps you reveal a more gentle , brighter and a more smooth skin.

2.The product is made of high-quality nilon hair bristle, soft, steady. With the long handle, you will be able to brush any part of the body.

3.Consider it also to be a relax process that can be done anywhere, at anytime. The product is no big than one hand ,you can use it at home or on your vacation /business trip. Using it during the bath , the fatigue and stress are kept away.

4.Easy to clean, hang it inside the room or under the sun , it is quickly dried.

5.Great personal use or gift choice for men , women , kids.

1. Shower with warm water for 2 minutes.
2. Wet bristles with warm water, put some bath wash or soap onto bristles, and gently massage bristles with hands for rich lather.
3. Cleanse your body with the brush.

Soft bristles, effectively removes cuticles.

Maximum temperature for bristles is 70 degrees Celsius Avoid high temperatures.