MINISO Bath Shower Body Sponges Pouf Mesh Brush Shower Ball

  • $4.45

MINISO Bath Shower Body Sponges Pouf Mesh Brush Shower Ball Cleaning Scrubs Exfoliating Poufs Brushes, Facial Cleansing Accessories

1.Deep cleanses & refreshes, also removes oil, dirt & skin impurities.

2.Easy to clean and quick to dry, it will glide smoothly and would not scratch your skin.

3.Large enough made to last long and lather up.

4.Soft sponge exfoliation for smoother skin - with a easy-hang loop to hang dry.

5.After the use, rinse it with water & hang it dry for a good hygiene.

If you're looking to have healthier, smoother skin, to make your shower gels and soaps last longer, or simply to have a more enjoyable bathing experience, you've found the right Bath Scrubber. Our Bath Scrubber with an easy-hang loop is ideal for your bathing experience at a price that appeals to those looking for Bath Sponge in bulk quantitites.

Packaging Materials:OPP.
1.Clean this product with water before use.
2.Put the appropriate amount of bath wash on this product and wet it with water, gently rub until it foams and use it directly for body cleansing.
Unique shape, soft and fine texture, easily lathers when worked with bath wash.
1.Keep away from fire and out of reach of children.
2.Keep it clean and dry.
3.Store it in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
4.Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

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