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MINISO Absorbent Soft Small Towel for Kids and Children

Original price $5.95 - Original price $7.45
Original price
$5.95 - $7.45
Current price $5.95
Color: Pink
Material: 100% Cotton( except satin and decorated part)
Instruction: 1.A little cotton wool will stick on the towel during manufacturing. Please hand wash it in warm water before first-time use. 2.Do not bleach. Do not machine wash. Do not dry clean. Hand wash recommended.3.Maximum wash temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.
Features: Made with pure cotton. This product is comfortable and soft with fluffy terry. Super absorbent.
Note: 1. Please wash before using, it is normal for there to be lint when washing it for the first time. 2. This is a personal product and will easily breed bacteria after a period of use. For good personal hygiene, it's recommended to change towels every 3 months for adults and every month for children. Keep it in a dry and ventilated place. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and moisture.