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MINIGO 2.0 - Foldable Lightweight Travelling Backpack - Pink

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A Great Companion for Travelling
Foldable and Fashion
Lightweight and High-capacity
Comfy and easy to carry around
Perfect for day trips, vacation, travel and school
Still wondering how to find a perfect backpack for traveling? All girls need a bag, but not every bag is the perfect travel companion for a lady. The Miniso Foldable Backpack is definitely the perfect bag for a lady to carry while on the go. Its foldable, lightweight and comfy, easy for you to walking around a new city, an amusement park, a library, hiking, or school. The simplicity of design and the beautiful colors make you look more fashionable. Its 29X13X36.5CM before folding, 22X3.5X12CM after folding, convenient for preservation without taking up space.
Easy to Pack- Its lightweight and compact. The volume is 13L, not the heavy oversize one but enough to pack things for your need.
Easy to Fold- Simple steps to fold, and the backpack will become a compact purse-like hand bag, very convenient for preservation.
Easy to Carry- Its comfy and friendly to your shoulder. With a simple, beautiful and fashionable design, it's easier for you to put outfits together and carry on your travelling.

1.Keep away from fire and moisture.
2.Manual measurement has a certain deviation, please prevail in kind.

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Color: Pink