MINISO Foldable Head Phone ABS Material (Green+Black)

  • $19.45

MINISO Foldable Head Phone ABS Material for Long Wearing, Green+Black Color

1.Premium Effect. The headset can convey music to your ears clearly and powerfully.
2.Portable & Adjustable. The head phone is foldable which can be freely rotated or adjusted to bring you the greatest comfort.
3.Noise Reduction. Effectively reduce various noise to bring you a better enjoyment.
4.Wide Application. Cost-effective but high compatible and universal. Can be applied to all smart phone and computer and can also be used to answer calls.
5.Easy to Wear. - Double head receiver for not easy to come off. Can be wearing watching TV, playing games for a long time.

Enjoy high-definition stereo sound with MINISO foldable head phone.
These over ear cushioned headphones are light and compact for wearing.
The foldable design is easy for you to store in a carrying case, which protects them from light bumps and scratches.
The cushioned earpads wrap around your ears offering a noise isolating experience allowing you immerse yourself into the beat. The fully adjustable headband rests softly on your head giving you a comfortable fit without any feeling of strain. Also, due to the premium high-end materials used the headphones feel expensive and sturdy when holding.