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MINISO Disney Animals Collection Bandage Set 40 pcs-Marie

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This bandage set is perfect for any kid with a BOO BOO.  The cute design is perfect for making you feel better about your injury!  It will heal in no time!

Clean wound and surrounding area and dry skin before applying the bandage. Remove protective wrapper, position pad over wound and press firmly on adhesive area to ensure adhesion. Change it every 24 hours or if it is wet.

Use immediately after opening protective wrapper. Do not use on major wounds. Wrapper contains natural rubber latex. Not for kids under 2 years old. If wound bleeds excessively or skin becomes irritated or infected, remove it. In rare cases, children with sensitive skin may develop rash due to heat and moisture, especially in the face. In both cases, consult a doctor immediately. If you are diabetic, consult your doctor before use.