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MINISO Neck & Shoulder Patches, 5Pcs

par Miniso CA
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High purity iron powder, activated carbon, heating element, non-woven fabric.

1. Patented heating technology, fast to release heat evenly. Controllable temperature.

2. Hypoallergenic viscose does not rip your skin and causes no pain when removing the patch. Elastic face fabric brings no tight feeling, fits thoroughly the skin even under different muscle movements.

3. Please do not use this product right after you used such products as a pain-killing ointment. Please do not stick this product on wounds or other temperature-insensitive areas.

4. Do not use this product if you cannot remove it by yourself. Discontinue use immediately if any skin discomfort occurs.

5. If the temperature of this product feels too hot, you may stick it on the outside of your clothes. This product is a disposable heating product, please do not reuse it. Please do not use this product during sleep to avoid over-heating.