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MINISO x Sanrio - Hello Kitty Cotton Pads, 60Pcs

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1. Cotton buds made from 100% natural cotton, Good absorbent cotton material,Soft and gentle cotton buds.
2. Ideal for removing makeup or nail polish & Great for applying toner, creams and lotions.
3. Premium ultra softness is perfect for all skin type including sensitive skin.

Soft, gentle,and skin-friendly, MINISO Natural Cotton Pads are suitable for daily makeup , water supply, makeup and remove nail polish. High-density design makes it ultra absorbent & water-saving, ensuring your favorite skin care product never go to waste. Made of premium cotton, these soft yet skin-friendly cotton pads perform well, perfect for all skin type including sensitive skin.

Material: 100% cotton.
Package Material: PVC.
1. For skin care: Cleanse skin with face wash and absorb excess moisture on your face with cotton pad before the next step of skin care.
2. For removing makeup: Dip makeup remover with this cotton pad and wipe gently your face to remove makeup.
3. For face cleansing: Wet a cotton pad and wipe your skin gently.
1. Made of 100% cotton. 60 draws. Drawstring design, portable and sanitary.
2. Gives you soft and comfortable touch.

1. Not dissolvable, do not throw into toilet after use.
2. Keep away from fire. Disposable product, please do not reuse.
3. Please store in a cool and dry place.
4. Keep away from fire and water.
5. Please do not throw into toilet.


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