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MINISO x Marvel - Plush Boxing Glove

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Original price $14.95
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Title: Thanos
About 10.2 inches
Fabric: Advanced Polyester
Filling: 100% Polyester

Warm Tips:
?- About Floating Plush Problem: If you find the gloves with floating plush problem, please don't worry, it has not this issue originally, just cause they're new products,
so a bit of floating plush problem is normal, you just need pat the gloves a few gently, then you can remove the floating plush quickly!
?- Regarding Size & Wrinkles Problem: All of packing used specialized plush equipment to squeeze out air due to gloves volume is large, it's better to ship it only after squeezed out air, .
you maybe find it smaller, and even with wrinkles, please do not be surprised, this is a normal phenomenon, you can open & shake it a few, take it under sunshine exposure for half an hour, the glove will recover immediately!

Package Included:
1 x Boxing Glove