MINISO x Marvel - Oven Mitt and Potholder Set, Heat Resistant Non-slip

  • $6.45
  • $7.45
Officially Licensed Marvel product. Spending time with your families and friends, cooking and sharing food is wonderful. Barbecue, cooking, baking, with MINISO Silicone oven glove become easy and safe. Made of premium silicone, it can protect your fingers, palms, wrists from hot smoke, liquid & heat. Flexible and soft, the glove enables your hands hold even small kitchen utensils, allowing you fully enjoy your cooking time. Mitt + Potholder with non-slip design ensures steady and safe grip of hot cookwares.

Please use below 260 degrees celsius and do not contact the oven heating tube.

Please place in a cool and ventilated area. Avoid moisture and prolonged sun exposure.

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