MINISO x Marvel - Cute Table Mobile Phone/Tablet Stand

  • $4.45
  • $5.95
1. MINISO Marvel limited collaboration series.
2. Colorful plastic phone stand,with lightweight and the ipad stand is portable and edgy,it perfectly work with iphone.
3. Iphone desk stand is universal perfectly compatible with as majority of smartphones and tablets,such as iphone ipad mini, Although with case,when using an iPad, you should set it horizontally,it will also works well.
4. Cell phone stand perfect for desk or table to watch movies, read etc. sync charging your phone. Angled Support for Facetime
5. The rubber protect the point of contact between the device and the stand keep your device from scratches and sliding.

For 3.5~8 inches devices like iPhone, Samsung S7 S6..Note 6 5..LG G4 G5..Nexus 5p 6p.Although with case(under 15mm/0.59 in).

You may need 3 stands to meet different demands: One on your desk on check emails, One on your bedside table to enjoy movies and one in the kitchen to enjoy the personal life, The generous and simple design makes it fit for totally different occasions.

It is 3 times more sturdy that may be the most solid phone stand you had ever tried.

Enlarged anti-scratch silicone pad provide you decent protection even your phone case is removed, also anti-skid on a 40 degree slippery slope (without cell phone loaded).