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MINISO White Refillable Clear Plastic Airless Vacuum Pump Bottle, 20ML

par Miniso CA
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1. Widely used for makeup sample,shampoo,hair conditioner,shower gel,creams,lotion,etc.
2. The dropper is easy to squeeze,lightweight,portable,reusable,and environmental.
3. The bottles are definitely leak proof. Don't be worry your cosmetic or lotions will spill out.
4. Application: suitable for dispensing facial cleanser, hand cream, shampoo, hair conditioner, aloe vera gel and so on.
5. Facilitate travel of bottling cosmetic skin care products.

Materials: PETG, PP.
Packaging Materials: BOPP.
1. Transparent bottle and dropper, you can see the amount in it clearly;
2. Silicone sucker, easy to squeeze, easy to extract the liquid;
3. Screw top, tight seal;Clean and hygienic, light and portable, can be taken on the plane.

1. Do not store organic solvent.
2. Do not store the content for over 6 months.