MINISO Sports - Detachable Hula Hoop

Our hula hoop is the perfect exercise accessory for burning calories, promoting fat loss, lifting hip and toning up your abdominal area, etc. It can be adjusted the size from 6-8 sections according to your figure and suitable for various crowds (kids/ adult) or diverse waist circumferences. Only 10-minute hula hoop exercise is high-effective to burning 30000 calories, equal to 1-hour swimming, 220 sit-ups, etc. Moreover, our hula hoop can be quickly assembled and disassembled for easy storage and portability to playground, garden, beach, gym, etc. Let's take one to build healthy and charming figure.

Warm Notes:
1. Do not use hula hoops within 1 hour before and after meals
2. Do not put a hula hoop around your neck
3. Pregnant women can not use hula hoop
4.Be careful not to touch a sharp object
Exercise plan:
1. 4-6 times a week
2. 2-3 groups each time, each group of 10-20 minutes
3. Rest 10-20 minutes between each two groups